Friday, February 10, 2006

RIP Arrested Development

I'm on my way out the door to an RIP Arrested Development party. Fox is playing the final four episodes of the season (and possibly of the show) against the opening of the Olympics. Good for you, Fox. That's a way to boost the ratings! Anyway, there is hope that either ABC or Showtime will pick up the show which would be fantastic. Here's hoping!

And to entertain you all, I just read the most well written and thought provoking article here about Freeganism. I've recently met my first Freegans and thought this article summed up what I was feeling about it quite nicely.

But then again, Tigers and Strawberries always seems to have great things to say.

Hope you all are having a great night!

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Popps said...

Sometimes, when I throw stuff away, stuff that is like one or two days from going bad, I don't think about the stuff I'm wasting, I think about how I'm helping a Freegan somewhere. I think that's a good way of justifying my American waste.

I fully support librarians, and I kind of agree with pirates, so I think I'd be down with a Librarian Pirate's cause. So yeah, for whatever it's worth, I've got your back.