Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Reports of my death have been greatly exagerated

So ... from phone calls and emails and texts and other things that I have gotten, I get the feeling that my mother sent out the call yesterday that "Oh my goodness the librarian who is also a pirate is dying or very sick or having her baby RIGHT NOW or something ... I don't know! I'm just worried! Be worried too!" This is totally not her fault - when I was in the hospital I was texting her and my sister and my husband and my other sister (who has helped me pick out a name for baby girl #2! The husband doesn't like it, but who wouldn't want a child named Sparkly Unicorn! He'll come around.) and sometimes I forgot who I had told what to and she probably didn't get the whole story. Since so many people are worried about me, I am going to type it all up and stick it on my blog because really - who reads this but friends and family? (:

ANYWAY - yesterday.

I got to work yesterday and started feeling awful. Nausea, stomach (not uterus) cramps, dizzy ... and when I started throwing up and the cramps were worse I called my doctor, OB-GYN sister, and mother (in that order), then doctor again (I couldn't get through to my doctor the first time, nor my doctor sister, and I don't know about anyone else, but when I don't feel good and can't get a hold of people the people I should, I tend to call my mother. My mother's brilliant advice was "keep calling your doctor until you get through."). I am really bad at taking care of myself and determining if this is "go to the doctor" worthy or if it's just food poisoning/the flu/whatever. When I'm sick I get even less rational and don't like making decisions for myself! So my doctor told me not even to go to see her but to go to the hospital and they'd check me out.

So I go to the hospital and they hook me up to all kinds of "lets check this lady out" equipment and I felt better then worse then better then worse. The nurse said, "how many times has the nausea come since you've been here?" "Twice" I replied. "Yeah ... those are contractions."


"Contractions! But they're at the top of my belly and they're making me nauseous! They don't feel anything like what contractions felt like before!"

"Every baby is different. And these aren't big contractions. About 10 minutes apart and pretty little." They wanted to watch me to make sure they were false labor and as long as I was there they wanted me to stay for awhile in case it was real labor (For those of you who know nothing about this sort of thing, six and a half weeks early is bad. Not so bad that it wouldn't work out, but bad enough that we REALLY didn't want Sparkly Unicorn to show up quite yet). They took my blood and did and ultrasound (and Sparkly Unicorn has the prettiest face EVER) and determined that nothing seemed problematic and eventually (WAAAAAY Later) let me go home.

I'm on what the doctors call "modified bedrest" which sounds so much more dire than it is. I stayed home from work today, I'm going to stop carrying Kinsie as much, I'm going to be much more careful in what I lift and how much moving I do. That said I can still go to work (but when I turn on "Shake your Sillies Out" I'm going to tell the kids they have to shake extra hard to make up for my lack of shakes). I can still live my life. I really don't like that they call this "modified bedrest" because in reality it's "be more careful and maybe start acting like you can't do as much as you used to be able to do."

BUT one of the joys of being home all day is that I have gotten photos uploaded to my Kodak Gallery (FINALLY) - anyone who wants a link just email me.

This is currently my favorite picture. I think she kinda looks like Little Michael here (something I think all the time in real life but I rarely see captured in photographs). I'm now going to go catch myself up on emails (I know! I owe so many emails) ... and get myself something large and cold to drink.