Friday, February 17, 2006

Friday Cat Blogging

The Kitten came to curl up with me about an hour ago smelling quite a bit like something horrid had happened in her litter box. I got up from my studying and went to the bathroom where we keep it and found a loooong brown smear. That has since been cleaned up. That was easy - it was on tile. Then came the more difficult part.

The kitten as well smelt. And even though she's really good about sitting and grooming herself for hours on end, this was a bit more than either the husband or I could deal with waiting for. For the first time in my life I bathed a cat.

Surprisingly enough, I don't think she's decided that she hates me. This first picture was taken right after she got out of the bath, right before I rubbed her down with the towel she's wrapped up in. She was already starting to lick herself dry. That's something about cats that I've never quite been able to understand - the whole licking ones self dry thing. I look over and she's been licking herself for the past twenty minutes and while it is definitely still obvious that she is wet, it's more of an overarching spikiness then the matted drowned kitten look favored in that first picture.

It is also funny to note that this foray into the bathtub does not in any way seem to have dampened her addiction to said tub. Even as I type this, she stopped her drying and ran into the bathroom to roam around in the tub for a bit and then to run back here to clean herself.

Poor kitten - I'm glad she's forgiven me.

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Leona said...

she's cute! anyways, dun worry coz she won't hate you. I bathe my cat every so often, coz she does sweat and smell in a few weeks. And the reason they lick themselves dry..I think it's so that they get their own scent back.