Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Potato(e) Madness!

As many of you already know, The Pink Shoe is my sister. As such, I often follow her lead when it turns out she is doing something fantastically cool. Today is no exception. Yesterday she casually mentioned in her post the existence of purple potatoes. Now, you might not be able to tell it from the inherent greenness of my blog's layout, but I happen to be quite attached to purple. At one point in my life I had purple hair. It rocked.

Anyway, I thought to myself, "I must get myself some!" I work just across the street from a whole foods - the place that the almighty shoe "claimed" to have seen them. On my lunch break I walked over there to grab a hunk of cheese and a couple of rolls (my absolute favorite lunch ever) and decided to check to see if they had purple potatoes.

They did not. That is sad. They did, however, have something utterly adorable.

Do you see that? Can you read it through the flash? I bought myself "A Delightful Rainbow of Tiny Potatoes." What could possibly be better than that? It has golden potatoes, red-skinned potatoes (I'm sure these are just regular red-skinned potatoes with white innards), and purple potatoes. I'm trying to think of something fantastically pretty to do with them.

After work I had to do my regular grocery shopping that I do every once in awhile where I stock up on everything to be consumed in the near future. Today I did my shopping at Jewel instead of Whole Foods, because I felt like it. (Good reason, eh?) Wandering through the produce section I found ...

PURPLE POTATOES! "Petite Purples" to be exact. They're purple-y and adorable. I'm super excited about them - partially because the rainbow of potatoes is so very short on the purples! I'm thinking I'll add some purples to the rainbow and have some purples just on their own all purpley and fantastic.

Right now I'm planning on cooking these very plainly ... Cutting them up, putting them on a baking sheet, drizzleing with olive oil, some salt, some pepper, and probably some garlic (because I'm Italian and that's what we do). Nothing super fancy ... but hopefully yummy!

If anyone has any other suggestions, though - I'd be all up for it!


xianfu said...

potatoes...I like them where they are french fries...lol...nice hair...look cute!!!

Marcia said...

yay! you found the purples!

E said...

hee. Purple hair. It's official. You are me. Well, only younger.

librarian pirate said...

Xian - I'm afraid the french fries would make the colour of the potatoes not stand out as much.

Marcia - AND I found a delightful rainbow of potatoes!

E - well that's fun! (:

Anonymous said...

The pink shoe and the librarian pirate would be happy to know that their mother has purple potatoes that she roasted a couple of weeks ago with carrots and onions and garlic and they were fabulous. The reason I possess purple potatoes is that they are a Colorado product and your father brought them home from work. I could not believe how purple they were!!!
Love, Mom

Lady Arden said...

Did you know that there is also purple rice?

Amanda said...

Purple potatoes sound positively perfect!

librarian pirate said...

Mama - Woot! Go you!
Lady Arden - no ... I must try! I've heard tell of purple carrots, though.
Amanda - HI!