Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

I know, it isn't for another week, but my husband and I declared yesterday Valentine's Day. We don't ever really do something big for V-Day. Our first one he baked me cookies. Last year we had an all day extended edition Lord Of the Rings marathon. Okay, so that last one was big, but not really a traditional Valentine's Day thing. When the husband told me to reserve February 7th on my calendar, I was expecting we'd go out for dinner and a movie or something. He knows I don't expect much.

So I was allowed to make lunch. About a week ago, my sister posted about a brilliant looking recipe that I just needed to try. So I stole her idea and it turned out beautifully.

Anyway - after lunch we set out to downtown Chicago and my husband took me out to see Wicked. WOOT! Not just any woot, but full on geeky \/\/007! It was fantastic. I read the book back when it first came out (I thought confessions of an ugly stepsister was better, but still loved it!), had listened to the music, but hadn't seen it. It's definitely not the book, but I loved it! The choreography was especially brilliant. It gives clues - the choreography gives clues! How much fun is that?
(Picture borrowed from here.) Overall it was fantastic. It was no "Assassins" - no "Into the Woods", but then again - what is?

It was kinda sad though. I had Kristy Cates as Elphaba, who was fantastic. We had a super long intermission, then a voice came on, apologized for the delay, and told us that Courtney Corey would be Elphaba for the rest of the production. She was fantastic as well, but it is worrisome. I understand Kristy Cates' voice bugging out and just needing someone else to finish the production, but the extra long intermission worries me. I'm hoping that she was ok! Act 1 ends with the picture over there on the the left, and Brandon was speculating that she mighta gotten hurt coming down from that height.

Well, google isn't telling me she's hurt, so I'm not gonna worry too much. Just know that I had a great night last night and I hope you all are good as well!

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Anonymous said...

I am jealous--of the shrimp stew and the show!!!