Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl Sunday!

With me being in Chicago, the Super Bowl is HUGE this year. I was just checking out to see what time the official game starts, and I discovered something interesting on Animal Planet. To quote The TV Guide listings for Puppy Bowl III, "Puppies cavort in a play area that looks like a football stadium in the third annual event that offers an alternative to the Super Bowl. Included: a halftime show featuring kittens."

Part of me is terrified, and part of me wishes I had a blank tape so I could record this for future use. What exactly that future use is, I am unsure ... but it would be decidedly fantastic.

So a ton has happened since I last updated. Our computer is officially running Windows Vista now! We had been using the Beta version for awhile, but now we've upgraded to the full thing. I'm having fun exploring, but the husband really knows his stuff and could tell you about all the wonderful fantastic things Vista can do!

Speaking of which - I had texted him about the fantasticness of Puppy Bowl, and he told me where to find the CD that will reinstall the software that lets us record TV straight onto the computer! YAY! Puppy Bowl III - you will be mine! I'm going to go do that, and then later write a whole new entry all about the rest of my life. There's big news! Hint: I'm a librarian!!!!!