Friday, May 19, 2006

Friday Cat Blogging

I don't understand this kitten. She has a moment to be all calm and serene (the picture woke her up - she was asleep two moments before I took this), so she goes and sits in the dustbin?

Crazy cat.

In other news, Miss Doxie posts more than I do ... this must be rectified! Because I don't post enough! Interesting things are happening. I must to the library now, but when I return - the saga of the cereal (and not the Johnny Depp stuff Marcia keeps telling me to get - although I do need to get that cereal too ... )

Saturday, May 06, 2006

hey hey HEY!!!

WHY oh WHY did NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON tell me that there is, in fact, a whole slew of buttons and t-shirts and magnets all devoted to librarians being pirates?

And apparently one well known librarian once said, "It wasn't so long ago that librarians were seen as pirates. How dare you let people take books for free? And make copies!?!? You are all a bunch of thieves! ... We all run by different rules but we all have the same goals in mind. My only request is that you don your eye-patch, practice your arrrr's and help protect the distribution of information in all its forms."

So ... yeah. I'm going to start (from now on) pretending that librarian pirate is named such not because I am going to be a librarian and I have a silly fascination with pirates ... but because I truly am all about freedom of information. I am - I really am ... I just thought the association between librarian/pirate was subtle ... not ARR! BOOKS! (even though that's my new motto - as my sweeet new banner declares.)

So yeah ...

I so meant that. Because I'm brilliant.