Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Random complainings

My husband is a server at a restaurant and today is Valentine's Day. Well - it's after midnight, so it isn't V-Day anymore, but still - the sentiment is the same. He had to be at work today at noon so he had to leave the house by 10:45. Being Valentine's Day, I'm sure he was super busy at work today, but he's still not home! He's been gone 13 and a half hours, and darn it I want my husband home!

So I'm sitting at home drinking Green Pekoe tea (making plans for the next TeaChef), watching the first season of West Wing, and moping. I thought I'd share with all y'all.

But I'm making a fantastic dinner, so that's good, yes?

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Lady Arden said...

I can totally empathize -my fiance is a chef. Same consequences. I watched olympics and ate leftovers on Valentines day. He cooked me a Valentines breakfast instead. Holidays, weekends, evenings? Forget about seeing each other. *aw* :(