Sunday, February 19, 2006

a moment of procrastination

So I have been reading and reading and reading (mostly Creative Storytelling. After a couple of hours I decided to take a break and stroll around some blogs. I thought I'd share some fun things I found ...

Homeland Security officers tell Library patrons not to look at porn (found here)

Must Comment Monday ... I thought it was a fun thing, and I plan on doing it. I don't know about all y'all, but I have a tendency to read blogs super fast and only stop to comment rarely. No, this isn't a plea for more comments on my blog (because Lord knows I don't get enough! (; ), but rather just something fun I wanted to share.

The Bad Art Award! While the husband and I have very little art in our house right now (does a top heavy pile of boxes of books just waiting for me to buy a bookshelf count as really bad art?), so I won't be entering this contest, I thought you all out there might be interested.

My husband better thank his lucky stars he never wrote up a Contract of Wifely Expectations.

And by popular demand (well, because my sister wants to see it):

My new hair length

Anyway, back to work!


Anonymous said...

is this your first "must coment monday post"?

librarian pirate said...

no, because I made that post on Sunday! Plus "Must Comment Monday" doesn't apply to my posts. It applys to when I read posts.

LilRed said...

My gosh! How long was your hair before?! Looks great like this, by the way.

Lady Arden said...

Great sweater! (Sorry I don't really know what your hair looked like before.)

5 inches is drastic. Growing up I had hair that reached my waist. People with short hair don't understand that "it's still long" is not what you're thinking after a cut like that. :) But the cut looks great, enjoy the new hair length!

Chris said...

Thanks for the linkage to the site. I'm commenting because it's Monday! I've also added you to my RSS feed reader.

Oh, and the hair looks lovely :0)

Janet said...

Just read about this must comment Monday thing and I think it's a good idea. Though I always find something to comment about. I've just got a lot to say, I guess.:)

Anonymous said...

oh I can SO relate to the long hair thing. Mine is down to my waist and I know I need to get it cut but I'm terrified because it will be so SO different. Short hair people don't understand that for us, in the middle of the back, it IS short.

Susan Taylor Brown