Thursday, November 27, 2008


Mommy, wow! I'm a big kid, now.

This was my first SUCCESSFUL solo Thanksgiving. It is also my first REAL solo Thanksgiving. Every other Thanksgiving since getting married, wonderful family has taken us in. This thanksgiving the wonderful relatives offered, but we declined because of various work related crazies.

ALSO - every other year I've made us Thanksgiving anyway, but I've never gotten it exactly right. I'm kick ass with the Turkey, but oftentimes it doesn't get done when I want it and other things aren't timed right and we end up eating the meal in shift .. and don't even get me started on my gravy. I LOVE gravy, and I can never get it right. EVER!

This year - The turkey? Amazing. The mashed potatoes? UBER lumpy (because I moved a MONTH AND A HALF AGO, y'all! I should have found my potato masher already!) but also yummy. The green beans? Meh - but none of us have that as a favorite part. My husband's favorite (rather disgusting) pistachio pudding that I made from memory because I wanted to surprise him? An absolute hit! (But seriously? Two packages of pistachio pudding mix - mix with a can of crushed pineapples [with the juice]. Stir in halved marachino cherries, nuts, and a thing of cool whip. Voila! Pistachio Pudding. I forgot the mini marshmallows. Next year there will be mini marshmallows.) I feel all grown up and spiffy.


The Kins has been a riot today. At one point I opened up the oven to smell my turkey but because of the COLD FROM HELL I couldn't smell it. So I said what any sensible pwerson would say, "I can't smell my turkey! This sucks!" And the Kins started marching around the kitchen saying, "sucks! sucks! sucks! sucks!" Yes, I know. I am the worst mother EVER. It gets worse. All of my siblings have decended upon NYC for Thanksgiving so I called them and told them this story. The Kins overheard and started gleefully saying "sucks! sucks! sucks!" The siblings also told me that they are celebrating with Turkey on Saturday because one sibling is stuck at work today ... so the Kins and I called her and said "Doctor lady, the Kins and I think it sucks that you are stuck at work on Thanksgiving and we just wanted to tell you that. Isn't that right, Kins?" And then I handed the phone to my sweet, innocent 19 month old so she could giggle and shout, "SUCKS! SUCKS! HIIIII! SUCKS!" to my sister.

Yes, I am exploiting my daughter's ability to say a semi naughty word for my own personal amusement. Am I going to the special hell?

THINGS MY DAUGHTER CAN SAY PROPERLY (And she knows what they mean)

1) Kitty Kat

2) Hereyago (yes, one word - but it's uber cute!)

3) Up! (This one started today! Adorable.)

THINGS MY DAUGHTER CAN SAY PROPERLY (and she gets very wrong)

1) Apple! (I think this means "food" to her)

2) Mama! (I think this means "drink" or "more" ... I'm not sure which. It certainly doesn't mean me!)

3) Hereyago! (yes, this is in both columns. She says it when she is giving something ... she also says it when she wants something.)

Also, don't tell my diva in the kitchen sister, but the pumpkin cake with cider glaze that I am about to go make? It is not exactly an Epicurious recipe ... but I've been assured that it is beyond amazing. And I'm always up for trying something new!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Combine Harvester!

The Kins and I are cleaning the kitchen and watching Maisy. This is our first time watching Maisy. Neither of us were really paying attention, but it seemed perfect for her age group. "What is that, Maisy? A ball! Yes! Lets throw the ball!" or "What color are you painting the roof? Green? What a great color!" And then suddenly we hear "What is that, Maisy? A combine harvester? What fun!"

Yes ... as my 12,000 reference questions on this topic will attest - toddlers LOVE big machines, so I totally get it. I just have to laugh. "Can you say 'ball,' Kins? Ball! Ball! Very good! Ok. Now try COMBINE HARVESTER!" Ah, it is to laugh (as my old teacher would say).

In other news, my mother brought me new clothes yesterday, and one thing she brought me was a velour lounge suit. I have declared today "lounge around in comfort" day! The Kins can't stop petting me. She's wandering around in her footie pajamas, which are BEYOND adorable. Seriously - I want to devour her! She's so cute!

Mostly just wanted to post that I am alive and kickin, and hope to someday post more!