Saturday, February 18, 2006

Numbered List #1

1. I've been sitting here for quite some time with four or five posts in my head, starting to write one, deleting it, starting to write another, deleting it. I want to write about them all at the same time which could get a bit confusing. I have a lot to say about each of the subjects, but I'm not finding myself getting very far.

2. I love numbered lists. I make them far too often.

3. I just read Coraline by Neil Gaiman. As many of you already know, I am having a torrid love affair with Neil Gaiman, so it isn't hard to expect that I loved this book. It us suggested for readers aged 9-12, but as a 23 year old I was absolutely terrified. Then again, I'm a pansy.

4. I was hanging out watching movies with a friend last night when another friend invited us to go to a bar with her. Since I had been planning on a night of vegging I was wearing my favorite comfy pants that have ripped open multiple times and that I have patched multiple times. Both of my friends looked gorgeous with traditional bar hopping skimpy tops and their general gorgeousness. We were teasing that me, being the only non single one of the group, was going to attract all the men with my t-shirt and my pants with the badly patched holes. At the bar I had three different men come up to me and start conversations based on the holes in my pants. Who called it?

5. The hole that caused the most ruckus was just over my back. When I patched it I had thought I was being cute and I patched it from the inside so that the pretty fabric peeks out through the hole.

6. One particularly drunk 40-something was absolutely belligerent about this hole. "You say it's patched! It's not patched!" "No, sir, it definitely is patched." "You patched it with flesh colour!" "It's tweed" "It's pink tweed!" "Pink tweed with whole big stripes of green!"

7. A friend lent me a copy of Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett.

8. Isn't it shocking that within this post there is reference to two Neil Gaiman books that I previously had not read? This shocks me ... but I've fixed it now.

9. One of the main characters of Good Omens is Crowley "(An Angel who did not so much Fall as Saunter Vaguely Downwards)." (page xiii of Good Omens).

10. The review I linked two above says, "I will say that if you are looking for a lighthearted read that won't make you think, you will enjoy this book." I'm afraid that I must be a bit silly because this book really did make me think.

11. While writing this post I discovered that at one point, at least, there were plans in place to make this book into a movie. I'm not so sure it would translate well, but then again I always have trouble envisioning much fantasy and sci-fi translating well onto the big screen, and I am often supremely pleasantly surprised by the results I get.
12. I was given the first season of The West Wing on DVD for Christmas. I have always liked The West Wing when I see it, but I rarely catch it on TV. There is little I catch on TV.

13. I sat down and watched the entire season in far too short a time, and now I'm itching to run out and rent the second season. I'm being good and channeling my energy into more productive things like cleaning the house and blogging.

14. Have a great night.

15. The blogger spell check does not recognize "blogging" as a word.


Marcia said...

Hi darling - check out this blog - The Yarn Harlot

Lady Arden said...

I've noticed that about spellchecker too. You'd think they'd add that by now. Numbered lists are great. They can really keep you awake during a boring mandatory seminar that has nothing to do with your research.

I'll check out that book Good Omens. I love Terry Prachett, though I've never heard of the author you like so much (sorry!).

Tabitha Dial said...

Good Omens is a great book! I read a copy A. had this summer... I could've bought my own copy and gotten both authors to sign it at two different Tattered Cover signings.

But no, I didn't. I thought I had been spending too much on poetry... HA!