Monday, April 30, 2007

I'm not slow

So my husband got home while I was on the phone with my sister, and he got on his cell phone almost immediately.

While I had been on the phone with my sister, his best friend had called our land line (ah the modern age of one 2 person family having 3 phone numbers ... ), and had left a message. I went up to him to let him know.

Brandon (into the phone): If you were indeed a mighty raisin, no box could contain you.
Me (half whispering): Thomas called.
Brandon (pointed to the phone to indicate that was, in fact, who he was on the phone with)
Me (turned to leave, pause, registered what he was saying just as I came upon him, and absolutely lost it. We're talking almost floor rolling hysterics [if I was more capable of floor rolling, that is])

No, I'm not slow.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Oh my goodness!!!

My husband is one of the biggest Barenaked Ladies fans there is, so when we saw that they were coming to Chicago again we were ecstatic - then we realized ... on June 18 Turnip Head will be a month and a half old. So no BNL for us.

Today my favorite DJ was giving away tickets to the BNL concert, and on a complete lark I sent a text ... and I won! How awesome is that? So now I have tickets to the concert, but I'll have a one and a half month old that I'm not sure I'll want to leave with a babysitter ...

I'm sure we'll work something out, and if we don't it's not like we had to pay for the tickets ... but for the day I'm going to be excited about the concert and I'll worry about logistics tomorrow.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

crazy day - Happy Easter!

This afternoon Brandon and I were rearranging bits of the house when he said, "I had the strangest dream last night. I dreamt that when you were getting up this morning you accidentally poured a jug of water in my ear."

I replied, "it wasn't a jug of water, it was a glass."

He gave me a strange look, "you poured a glass of water in my ear this morning?"

"No. I poured a glass of water all over my face last night." By now I was laughing to hard to continue, so we had to wait for him to find out the whole story. See, last night was particularly bad in the whole "Brandon getting home late from work" thing. There was a party at his restaurant until after closing and then cleaning up after a party takes more time then just regular cleaning up ... and long story short he is climbing into bed after 4:30 in the morning. About an hour later, I was thirsty so I reached to the nightstand and grabbed my glass of water. I held it on my chest as I thought for a second about the best way for me to sit my pregnant self up. THEN I accidentally fell back asleep ... with the glass of water still on my chest. You can guess how I woke up.

So I screamed when I woke up, because a glass of water had just fallen on my face. Brandon (safe and dry way over on his side of the bed) woke up as well and asked me what happened. I said, "I just threw water on my face. Go back to bed." I got up to get a towel and he said, "no you didn't!" Then he moved his head and said, "oh." While I was getting a towel, he rearranged himself so that he was all the way over on MY side of the bed sleeping right on top of the newly created wet spot. I tried to move him but he hadn't been completely awake before and was already far too asleep to notice my efforts.

Somehow his dream state turned that from "my crazy wife threw water on herself and then I had to sleep on wetness" to "my crazy wife poured a jug of water in my ear this morning." Either way, I can't stop giggling when I think of his innocent tale of his dream last night and my dastardly revelation of the truth (The bed was dry by then - I could have denied it all and he'd never know! Curse my commitment to truth, justice, and the American way!).

And with that I bid you a happy easter and a fantastic ... all is ours day.

update: I typed that on the laptop with it in the traditional position on top of my lap. I then sat up a bit to rearrange myself on the couch and my massive pregnant belly started clicking things on the page I was on because I have one of those touchpad mice on this thing.

Made me giggle!