Friday, February 24, 2006

Friday Cat Blogging - packaging material and your cat

I came home today after a long day of work (truck day. I was there from 6:30 - 3:30. Only eight hours, but eight hours of lifting and moving and early and tired!) and started cleaning up some stuff around the house. One thing I did was unpack some pictures my mother sent me that I had been waiting until I was ready to hang them to take out of the box. I'm not ready to hang them! Exciting, eh? Anyway, I was putting all the Styrofoam popcorn/peanuts whatever you call thems in an old shopping bag for ease of disposal when Nenene decided to come see what I was doing. It sure looked like I was filling a bag with Styrofoam cat toys! She insisted on jumping in the bag and playing. Every time I fished her out (and brushed all the cling-ons off of her) she jumped right back in, so I let her play, dumping handfuls on top of her. I figured as long as she wasn't eating it I was ok. Anyway, these pictures were, after being covered in these Styrofoam things were also wrapped in bubble wrap.
I put the bubble wrap on the bed while I went to deal with the picture and suddenly I heard a loud POP and a startled MEW! I ran over to see what the ruckus was, and I found that Nenene had decided that bubble wrap would be a super fun thing to chew on. It's popping at random didn't seem to deter her for more than half a second. There would be a pop, a mew, a jump, then a renewed pounce. Absolutely adorable to watch. Anyway, once I was done I decided I needed some time of relaxation after work and what little cleaning I had accomplished. I folded up the bubble wrap while Nenene wasn't looking and I went for a run. I come home and Nenene has thoughtfully unfolded my bubble wrap.
Not only that, but she's made herself a home underneath it. I was slightly worried about her suffocating herself, but then I realized that she had also smartly created for herself an air bubble. Smart kitten!

Anyway - I'm going to go pretend to clean some more and then eat cheesecake. Why? Because I made a kick-ass cheesecake yesterday! And I rock! More on that hopefully tonight.


Cat said...

Very cute...I love kitties! It seems yours is mischevious!

Amanda said...

What a cute kitty! I bet that was hilarious to watch.

LilRed said...

Oh dear do I love the cats. Thanks for dropping by from Michele's, by the way!

Don't hate me, but I tagged you. No pressure.

PS - I hope you saved a piece of cheesecake for me!

Library Lady said...

She's gorgeous--brown tabbies are my favorite cats, though black cats come in second. We always have one of each--we didn't plan it that way, it just happened.

How did she come by her name, BTW?