Sunday, February 22, 2009


First things first, I want to send you all over to Maureen Johnson's blog to wish her a happy WAY belated birthday (because I've been stinking at updating this thang lately. She's one of my favorite YA authors and she had a hysterical birthday post that made me giggle and wish we were personal friends. I would love to sit around a big bowl of pasta with her!

Hehe - wow. A week of crazy updating constantly, then just one measly update in a week. I'm SO good at this, eh? And it's especially sad because my google docs is absolutely full of things that I want to talk about, books I love and feel the need to ramble on, etc. (That's how I organize my blog thoughts. I'm weird, I know.)

Can I blame my lack of updates on Just A Mom? She's a good friend from college who I've only recently reconnected with. This past week we've been sending long rambly emails to each other and I'm afraid some of the things I would have rambled about here have instead gone into emails with her. So anyone who is absolutely addicted to my blog should run over and yell at her for being so fantastic. Or maybe just be nice because I'm enjoying having a friend to ramble at.

A while back I wrote about Kinsie almost pretending like she could count. She's frickin' rocking at it now. And by frickin' rocking I mean she can count to ten. Or - at least she knows what order the numbers go in up to 10. The other day, though, she pointed at a 2 on tv and said "two!" I couldn't get her to do it again, but that's ok. She's brilliant and I know it, right? (:

She's also going through this absolutely wonderful kissing stage. She just loves kissing. This morning I don't have to be at work until noon and the husband decided to get up at SEVEN THIRTY IN THE MORNING! And yes on a normal day I am already in the car by seven thirty, but my goodness, lady! It's the weekend! Learn to sleep in a little! So my husband got up, snuggled her, and crawled back in bed with her between us. She then spent HALF AN HOUR giggling, leaning down, kissing me, sitting up, giggling, leaning down, kissing her daddy, sitting up, giggling (repeat ad nauseum). It's amazing that neither of us got sick of it before she did.

It's crazy - I have a ton I want to ramble about, but I also have a jam covered daughter who wants to snuggle and really? That's more important right now. I just have to remember to take a shower after the snuggle and before work.

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*just* said...

what?!? She can't count to 50... hmmm, I'd be worried. You know, I bet you could hire a tutor:)

What's funny is we're thrilled Noah can count to ten... sometimes:)