Friday, February 13, 2009


Today was the BEST DAY EVER! Did you guys see that? Did you? OH MY GOODNESS! Jeremy Tankard commented on last night's this morning's blog post! Can I be gooshy and giggly and silly? I spent some time today wandering around his site because I was completely and utterly starstruck, and he says that his next book Boo-hoo Bird is a better read aloud than Grumpy Bird. That makes me laugh - hahaha! I double checked to make sure that Boo-hoo Bird is ordered at my library. I put myself on the hold list so I won't miss it (it comes out RIGHT before the bambino is due). But believe that some book is a better read aloud than Grumpy Bird? Oh no, Mr. Tankard. That I will not believe until I see. Grumpy Bird does deserve a better explanation than I can give, but fortunately Fuse #8 gave it one so I don't have to try and write an actual review. I'm much better at enthusiastic rambles.

I've been having brushes with my own personal celebrities lately. I emailed Mimi Smartypants back when I was barely blogging because something she said made me want to ramble and since I was out of blogging practice, I just rambled in an email to her. A little over a week ago - I got an email back! A few days later, ABBY THE FREAKIN' LIBRARIAN sent me an @ reply on twitter (!!!). Then, I won an ARC from Meg Cabot and I got an email from her saying that I had won said ARC! Yes, so it was a form email that she sent to everyone who she's sending an ARC too, but still! There is an email in my box FROM MEG CABOT! Because I'm just that awesome. Or whatever. (The ARC is for Allie Finkle #3. I'll ramble about it up here when I get it. I've been loving the series so far - but I'll ramble about the whole series when I can ramble about all 3!)

SO ANYWAY - Today wasn't just the best day ever because of Mr. Tankard. Read on, dear ... reader. (yes, somebody buy that librarian a thesaurus. Or send her to the 423.1s.

I did a family story time today (which we gear to all ages). We had a Valentine's Day dance party - they were loud and rambunctious and much younger than the normal family storytime, but I am always paranoid about that sort of thing so I had tons of extra younger books and was good to go. Afterword my boss said she was worried about me when I was Shakin' mah Sillies out, but even though I have doubled in size this week I had no trouble with being as incredibly active as that storytime demanded I be. (Full disclosure - I will be investing in a massive Sports Bra because while I can shake my sillies out, now that the pregnancy GAZUNGAS have popped, when I Jump my Jiggles out ... I worry about jumping my jiggles out. If you know what I mean)

THEN just before I started blogging I put my daughter to bed. She has been singing a lot to me lately, and as I put her down she sang to me:

Tinkle tinkle ittle ar
Row Row Row Row Row
Up abov orld hiiiiiiiiigh
five six seben eight NINE!!!!!

(for those who don't speak 21 month old - that was twinkle twinkle, the ABCs, Row Row Row your boat, and random counting all moshed together into one song that was beyond adorable.)

I really need to go to bed myself, because after typing up that last bit I am thinking about how wonderful it would be if I wrote a children's book that was basically just a transcription of some of the Kins's mooshed up songs. Thank you all for reading this. I really shouldn't blog when overtired, eh?


Bernie Buescher said...

Your Dad loves you.
Happy Valentine's day.
You are very,very silly. So is Kaylee.

*just* said...

That's crazy that that author found your blog!
In response to your comment: Dan is due March 28th.
And I didn't really keep up with college friends either. I was sad about it at first and my mom said that we would all find more in common once we started having kids and I think that's happening.