Friday, March 24, 2006

Tom Cruise in a silver jumpsuit

In my dream last night Tom Cruise was having a public vasectomy that was being filmed for TV so he could disprove once and for all that all the rumours of him having a baby are false*. He wore a shiny silver jumpsuit and did front handsprings down the stage to where he was getting the surgery performed. (His friend Ashton Kutcher tried to stop him, but ended up just getting one of those slow motion "noooooooo"s) The cameras were so far back you couldn't really see what was happening. I thought it was probably a hoax, and he still kept himself intact.

Then Tom Cruise was starring in a movie about a serial killer who was driving around killing tax-guys** in their purple and white cars. Tom Cruise was the young hot shot tax guy who saved the day and caught the guy.

My husband's thoughts on my dream? "You have problems!"

*yes, I know. They aren't rumours. Yes I know he's proud of his baby.

**again, yes I know that they are called IRS agents. In my dream they were tax guys, and they were more gun-toating Rex Libris style tax guys - only without the mythology.

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