Saturday, March 25, 2006

Numbered List #3

I like numbered lists, but as far as I can tell my readers are not so fond of them. That being said - HA! It is Saturday and I leave for work soon, so you're getting a numbered list! YAY!

1) I have added a whole bunch of new people to my blogroll. Most of them are people I have been reading for ages and am just now getting around to blogrolling. You should all check out Apropos of Nothing, Tales from the liberry, Tired Tunia, and Vampire Librarian. I'll add more soon, I'm sure - there's a whole bookmark folder full of blogs I haven't blogrolled ...

2) We did booktalks in Library Materials for Children on Thursday. My topic was "Fantastic Firsts" - or the first book in fantasy serieses (Seriesi? Seri?). I'm going to post reviews of one or two of those books a day until you all have read about all 12 of them. They're pretty fantastic. Eight from my childhood, four new ones (to me at least).

3) Near my apartment is 290 or the Eisenhower Expressway and 294 or the Kennedy Expressway. It just occured to me that 290 leads to 90 and 294 leads to 94. Get it? In Netspeak ... 290 leads 2 90 and 294 leads 2 94. I never realized how probably deliberate that was. Yes, I am just that special.

4) I am craving milk. There is a fresh, new, shiny gallon in the fridge, but to get it I'd have to walk across my apartment. Oh the slothfulness of Saturday mornings!

5) Nenene is having an "I'm crazy" day. I have already rescued her twice from when she has gotten herself lost in a paper bag (I kid you not), and I think I hear her piteous "Help me!" mewling again. So with that, I leave you!


GuusjeM said...

Tell me some good fantasy series for 5th & 6th graders! The kids in my library who are good reasders ADORE fantasy and it's not my cup of tea at all!

Ben said...

I don't like numbered lists because:
1. They are evil.
2. They break up the flow of the story.
3. Letters are better than numbers. So there.
d. This joke is not working, so...
e. I will stop now.
f. Sorry.

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