Friday, December 16, 2005

Updated links and sexy books

You might want to look to the right of this post and peruse my updated links! They're getting there, but they need to be expanded. I have had this computer for two months now, and I still haven't found all of my old links. Someday soon - just you all wait!

In other news, Giles Coren won the 13th annual Literary Review award for Bad Sex in Fiction. Apparently he beat off some stiff competition (Mom - if you get the double entendre, I don't want to know about it!) to win the prize.

The Bad Sex in Fiction awards always amuse me. I was especially amused last year when Tom Wolfe was such a bad sport about it. He claims they didn't notice the irony. I say - just because it's ironic doesn't mean it isn't Bad Sex in Fiction!

But that's just me.

So to recap: Yay for links! Hehe for bad sex in literature! Boo for some people not being able to laugh at themselves.

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Marcia said...

yay for the updates!

If you need any help with the template, darling, just let me know!