Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Just a quickie

Because I'm sick and cold and about to watch SERENITY on DVD (just came out today and I think everybody should buy it so that a second movie will be made), this is a brief update.

I just discovered How to knit a sweater FOR A WEE PENGUIN. Now - I don't knit, I crochet ... but I am a big fan of all things fun and crafty, and I abso-freaking-lutely LOVE PENGUINS.

So I had to share, because penguins are adorable.

Have a great night!

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Becky said...

Hey Girlie! Your PenguinChica here...been reading your blog for a couple months now (saw it in your profile one night and bookmarked it)...read the Penguin Sweater article...very cute! Like you anything Penguin oriented I'm all over it...along with the knitting...hehehe...Hope all is well! Miss you like crazy! Hope you're feeling better!