Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Just a quick one

I went to see Narnia tonight with my husband. It was so amazing-tastic-licious! I loved it, even though 15 or so minutes into the film (after the kids were already at the professor's house) a dozen or so high school or college aged people came galumphing in. Normally I don't mind a little bit of noise, but this was loud talking. They all got seated and then the one on the inside wanted to get out, and she tripped twice - falling flat on her face (not exagerating this one!) and scream-laughing as she did it. Really I don't mind noise during a movie. It's my husband's biggest pet peve (now he's claiming it isn't his BIGGEST pet peve and that I should take it away .. and DON'T PUT THAT!!! ARG!) and I always secretly laugh because it isn't that big of a deal! This time, though, I wanted to thwack them all one by one (during a movie about forgiveness and sacrifice nonetheless) ... especially the one who was giving the running commentary to the drunk girl ("the lion is supposed to be JESUS!" - "Oh! Look! It's not the White Witch after all! It's SANTA CLAUSE!" - "You're a dumbass who can't figure out a children's movie so let me explain it to you!").

It is late and I have to sleep watch Superman with my husband, so good night!

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