Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I did really well on NaNoWriMo yesterday. 2018 by midnight! I was psyched - that's 18 over my goal, so that's 18 less for me to write on some random hard day. I didn't realize that today would be the hard day.

I ended up going to bed pretty late. My mother-in-law had given me this recipe for pumpkin seeds that is fabulous, but that involves roasting them for two and a half hours. I had misread the recipe and thought it said half an hour, so I timed them to be done just after dinner ...

but had to stay up until 1 to get them out of the oven

then had to stay up to try them out

then had to stay up just because I was still up

I finally went to bed at around 3ish, I think.

So I didn't do any writing before work today at 9- then I worked for 7 hours - until 4 - now I'm home for half a second to grab some stuff and off to school for a pre class study session, then class until 9 (but hopefully I can write during class).

Then I'll be home at 9 in time to make dinner before my husband comes home from work (we're on a crazy eating schedule over here) ...

and then to bed.

Hopefully somewhere in there I can write 1982 words. That's the year I was born, so it shouldn't be too hard, eh?

edit: I came back from class, and for some reason this had never posted. I'm posting it at 9:29 at night - but it will say 4:17 because that is when it was actually typed.


Anonymous said...

Hooray for nanowrimo. You really are wonder woman.

Tabitha Dial said...

Ah.... NaNoWriMo... National November Writing Month or such-like, ain't it!??

What are you writing!?? What genre!?? ::hug::

How exciting.

Unfortunately, the thought of writing another 500 words after a work day is pretty teeth grating... :-( Unless it's poetry, and then it's more like 200 at the utmost!!!

Love Ya!!!