Monday, November 14, 2005

excretion geometry

One of the new trends in modern encyclopedias is the key words. It used to be that you'd look at an encyclopedia and the spine would say something like bis-cen. Nowadays it will say something like impressionism - juggling. Not a big deal, but it can (on occasion) lead to hilarity.
Encyclopedia Britannica is currently following this trend – using key words as opposed to key groups of letters. Their Macropædia (knowledge in depth) has a volume about Excretion Geometry.
They put one word on one line and the second word on the next instead of using a dash. That’s totally fine with me, but don’t be surprised if I turn into a middle schooler and giggle like I think poop jokes are funny.


Tabitha Dial said...

Hey! The shape of excrement is indeed a science!

TheIdleReceptionist said...

Now, if you bisect the hypoteneuse of the conical organic material...