Saturday, October 29, 2005

pumpkin carving

So the husband and I were just carving pumpkins, and by complete accident I made a librarian and a pirate. Well - not completely by accident, but not entirely on purpose, either.

I was making my first pumpkin, and I had given her an eyebrow, and the next eyebrow I made was way too big, so I enlarged the first as well and declared them spectacles. Then I made the nose and mouth, and the mouth was very feminine, somewhat on accident (I'm not very good at this), so I made it even more feminine. Then I made wispy hair on the sides of her head, and I realized that it looked like her hair was pulled back, from how I had made it. I debated if I could make a ponytail, and decided I couldn't, but I made a fairly kick-ass bun! So she became a librarian.

Then my next pumpkin has been picked out because I had to carry it home from somewhere, so it was a teeny pumpkin. When I get around to carving it I realized that it couldn’t stand up properly. “That’s ok” I said. “This jack-o-lantern will just be drunk.” I thought about that for a moment. “He’s a pirate. A rum-soaked pirate. It will work!” So then I made him a festive eye patch and a crooked mouth and no nose (he lost it to a duck). And halfway through I laughed and said, “I’m making a librarian and a pirate! Just like my blog!” And my husband said, “yeah – I got it. You didn’t have to point it out!” But the funny part was … I had to point it out for myself. Because I was just that dense.

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