Monday, October 17, 2005

I have long had a dream of one day holding a fun food themed election day party. I'd invite people of all political parties and ask them to bring their favorite political themed food.

I'd bring the libreral weenies and the right wing nut jobs.

Mr. Pirate thinks this is a horrible idea, but it keeps growing in the back of my head. I keep getting ideas for more food that could be made that are just brilliant!

The beautiful Mar-see-ah (in her comments) told of a brilliant brown sugar wrapped bacon candy that I could easilly coll up and call "sugar coated pork barrels" ... or maybe just pork barrels.

I could have a good friend named Buster invent a recipe for fillets of some sort ... and I could call them fillet-o-Buster. (I know - that one is weak ... but I like it!)

So - does anyone out there have any other ideas for my brilliant party?


Anonymous said...

How about radical (or Republican) Raspberry chicken and liberal lemonade. Or rights wing wings??

librarian pirate said...

those are great! (: Love 'em.

big c said...

time out!

i love you billions!

that's what i wanted to say.

i'm excited that you have a blog.

hug hug hug to you.