Friday, October 28, 2005

Friday Cat Blogging take 2

Apparently I just missed the coolest thing. Nenene, our adorable cat, is not allowed on the dining room table. She's pretty much not allowed on anything that height - the counters in the kitchen, the computer desk, etc. She's still young, and we don't have her fully aware of these rules yet - but we're working on it. So I was in the kitchen, moving things around, and husband was in the living room/dining room playing X-Men Legends II with his brother-in-law, and Nenene jumped up on the dining room table. Before husband could get up and stop her, she ran in a quick circle and skid to a stop right on one of our leather placemats that my cousins gave us for a wedding present. The result? Nenene surfed right off of the table onto the floor. I walked in with her standing there on the placemat on the floor looking completely confused as to why she was on the floor.

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