Sunday, September 03, 2006

Brandon uses up the internet

Silly SBC! My husband and I moved last Saturday. SBC/AT&T said we would have internet/phone service by Thursday. When it wasn't on by Friday we called and they said, "we'll send someone right over to check the lines and your box and whatnot, it should be up in 24 hours at the latest, but probably by 7 pm." It soooo wasn't on by 7pm, and it definately wasn't on 24 hours later. Yesterday, Brandon called again and said, "still not working!" They said, "we'll send someone right over to check the lines and your box and whatnot, it should be up in 24 hours at the latest, but probably by 7 pm." Brandon said, "but you said that yesterday and nothing got fixed!" They said, "Thank you for calling AT&T, have a nice day!" And they hung up. TRAGEDY! So Brandon called them back, spent another 10 minutes navigating their automated phone system before getting another real person who said, "we can't get someone out to fix your problem until Wednesday." WEDNESDAY!

So this morning we pulled out the laptop. "Perhaps we can find someone nearby using an unprotected wireless connection!" we thought deviously. We found someone! They're probably far away because we're only getting it at 30% of their speed, and it's really slow. Brandon got on first to change our addresses with important places (like the bank), and then he showed me the trailer for VIVA PINATA (I'd link it, but oy with the slow internet!). He obviously had internet. He gives the computer to me and the thing can't even connect to gmail. "YOU USED UP THE INTERNET!!!" I shouted furiously at him. (Well, not so furiously, but I'm building dramatic tension here!) "Wait a minute and it'll come back. It's just really slow.

I decided to spend that minute writing an update for the blog, but since this laptop's only word-esque function is Notepad. I am writing it there and am amused by the silly font that Notepad automatically uses.

Still no internet - i'll update this when it becomes available! And now blogger isn't letting me spell check, and I typed this while emotionally distraught, so hopefully you guys cana read it. I'll go through and spell check it later. Forgive me?


Marcia said...

LP - You're ALIVE!!!!!!!!! And blogging!! Who knew?

Hopefully you'll have internet soon - we had HUGE problems with AT&T internet when we moved - and it ended with me saying, Thanks, um, we don't want you any more (after more than a WEEK without internet when they said we should have it) and then we had Time Warner? Within 3 hours. Becuase the Time Warner guy that deals with our complex? Le rocks.

Tabitha Dial said...

Herrrmmm.... Bad Brandon, bad! Sorry about your internet woes, love.

steviekins said...

your typo occurred in the last few words of the entire update, not bad! welcome back to internet, sunshine, and don't forget to drop a line if you ever wander closer to the east coast!

R said...

AT&T hates your family.

jo! said...

Ok, girly-girl. You need to update this sucker. big time. that's my opinion.