Saturday, April 22, 2006

So my sister mentioned That Catholic Guilt Thing when she doesn't post every day. Just imagine what the Catholic Guilt Thing has been doing me for over two weeks pretty much!

So we're going to skip over the apologies and get straight to important things that have happened to me recently, starting with the absolute most important.
  • MY HUSBAND GOT A NEW JOB!!! I have purposefully not blogged about how craptastic his job is currently, because once I start complaining about it I have trouble stopping. He is still a waiter, but at a much better restaurant. His old job was in a bad part of town where he got an average of 7% in tips, which is just pathetic. His new job is right downtown and at a super fun restaurant. I'm very happy for him.
  • Brandon got me an Easter Basket that had in it peanut butter M&Ms, French Vanilla Pudding mix, Chef Boyardee raviolli, and pear juice. I loved it.
  • I think I'm going to contact PETA about my husband. When I ate my chocolate Easter bunny, I decapitated it right away before taking one bite. Quick, painless, over. The lovely man I married purposefully saves that for last, eating the head after everything else to prolong the anguish. What do you think? Should I send PETA a letter? (I wonder if they hate Easter for just this reason)
Anyway - here's hoping everyone out there is wonderful! Stay tuned for more book reviews!


Anonymous said...

This is Michael and Mom and Dad saying congrats to Brandoni the Magnificent and hooray for the fabulous Easter Basket. and as for chocolate bunnies---this senseless violence must be stopped!!!

naridu said...

Oh the poor bunnies!

Though I must say, my favourite thing is to nibble on those long pointy ears for as long as possible, wearing them down to melty stumps of cuteness and goo...

Congrats on the man's new job and many indulgent tips!

Anonymous said...

Blogs are supposed to be fun, not an obligation. :-)

Have you ever eaten at Bin31? We ate there the last time I was in Chicago. And at Peace. I loved both of them.

Tabitha Dial said...

MMmmmmmmmmmmmmm... chocolate bunny. I'm glad for Brandon... and for you... Mmmm... chocolate bunny... Fantastic new page design, btw!!! Love you!!!