Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Now lets talk about why the world suddenly hates me

I'm not entirely sure why it does, but it definitely does. Something has caused the world to hate me. I have examples! Oh yes, I have examples. Most of them center around my job - which, it occurs to me, I have never blogged about. It might sadden some of you to know that while I will soon (SOON!) be a librarian, I currently make my living being neither a librarian nor a pirate. I don't shush people nor do I buckle swashes. We weep. We weep more because I work retail. It's how I'm getting through grad school, though, and most of the time I enjoy it (because I try to be hopelessly optimistic.

Anyway - the world hates me. I HAVE PROOF!

  1. Yesterday at work I was rearranging things. I was taking things off of shelves and putting things back on shelves and moving shelves. It was insanity, I tell you, INSANITY! We have these impossible sort of shelves that are near impossible to move. They have these hooks that latch in and the more weight you put on them, the more solidly they stick into the proper holes. To get them out you have to hit the bottom of them with a rubber mallet. I am usually not strong enough to get them out, so I usually get help. I had moved something heavy off of the top shelf that had been there for a good two months or so. I moved heavy things off the bottom shelves. I then looked under the middle shelf to see how many pegs up it is when the top shelf just suddenly decides to fall. It hits me on the head, drags it's sharp edge down my arm, and lands with a thump on my thumb. OW!
  2. It has been 60 degrees here every day. Today was the day I had to be at work by 5:45 am (that's right, you. AM!!!!) to do truck outside - I was not excited about the early morning, but I was trying to be happy because today was supposed to be gorgeous and I had to be outside for an hour or so right away! Finally - I'd get to see the sun! What did I get while unloading the truck? HAIL! It hailed this morning.
  3. We're done unloading - JOY OF LIFE! My shoe became untied, so I bent to tie it, lost my balance, and fell into a box of wine glasses. I only broke one, but it was one of the pretty ones! Made me sad.
  4. Later today I was bringing a ladder out from the back so I could bring some chairs down from the top shelves for a customer. When I was halfway there, this little boy runs in front of me and scared the everloving SNOT out of me - I was afraid the ladder was going to hit him. Instead, I dropped the ladder on my hip bone - bruising it darkly, along the way bruising the crap out of my side as the ladder scraped its way down my body.
  5. Then I went to lunch. MMM - I'm slightly obsessed with Chipotle. There is one across the street from where I work and I only allow myself to go there once a week - otherwise I wouldn't leave. So guess who drops her burrito today? Oh, that would be me.
  6. Back from lunch, I declare that I am not going to cause any more trouble today - and promptly trip over a basket of glasses that my coworker had just moved off of a shelf and was about to put on a different shelf. I left two intact, I am pleased to announce.
But things are looking up. My husband made me
a beautiful origami butterfly yesterday that is sitting there just making me happy, and tonight I get to eat the tastiest looking fruit salad in the world.
mmm - fruit


Rauf said...

None of what you wrote suggests that any one hates you, infact many love goofy people. I am a big goof myself.
An honest and delightful account

the butterfly is just beautiful.

Marcia said...

oh cute susan bear. If yesterday was that bad, that means there's only good left for you this week!

Plus, c'mon, pictures of the bruises?

The Library Guy said...

The fruit salad looks good. By the way, you may be more interested in the Read or Die manga than I was.

I was interested because of the storyline from the anime, but the manga is different. Nenene is featured in the manga, but she wasn't in the anime that I saw last week.