Sunday, December 04, 2011

Sunday Links

I had great fun looking through this database of what Americans checked out of the library a century ago. Thank you to Nancy Picchi for the link

John Pappas linked to this great article about a library that has a mobile devices display where you can check out the different types of ereaders and tablets there are so you can make a more informed decision before buying one. I'm on the Overdrive team at my library and we've had a couple of petting zoos with lots of devices and informed people around to ask questions of but I love the idea of a permanent display!

Anne Slaughter of the Oak Park Public Library took Ranganathan's 5 laws and updated them for the Virtual Library. I love this. But then again I'm a Ranganathan fan - I've often thought that if I ever get another tattoo it will be either "The Library is a growing organism" or "every book it's reader." Thank you Jeffrey Hamilton for the link!

Being the Fairy Tale fan that I am I loved reading Are Fairy Tales Ready for Children - it was a good discussion of Fairy Tales without falling straight into "Fairy Tales have sex and violence and therefore nobody should ever read the originals ever ever ever."

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