Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Links

I have been sent over and over again this article from the NY Times about how (gasp) boys aren't reading like they should and (bigger gasp) the problem is all those pesky wimmin writers taking all the good publishing contracts away from men. I have only responded to a select few of those with this absolutely lovely take-down of the article that Katie Coyle pointed me toward.

I don't think I blogged about it but last year's International Read Comics in Public day was way too much fun and I made a lovely little display at my library for it. This year it is being held TODAY! Sunday, August 28th! And DCWomenKickingAss is hosting an online Women Read Comics in Public event. Post pictures of you reading in public on twitter, facebook, tumblr, your blog, whatever! I will try to get some up here today as well!

I have recently gotten absolutely addicted to nail polish and I did this manicure on Thursday where I used every purple nail polish I own. I'm absurdly proud of it! But I promise I won't become one of those nail polish blogs - there are enough of those and I will never be that talented. Books, babies, and social justice is what I'm sticking with! That said, I may have to share some of my favorites with y'all because that is the point of having a blog, yes? Sharing what we're proud of?

And two super fun links from twitter! Nathan Bransford's twitter account pointed me to (not his but on his blog) this absolutely stellar literary agent responds to paperback writer and Meg Cabot tweeted, "Sometimes dreams do come true! Here's a 60 second video of every outfit worn by Cher in the movie Clueless: " How did Meg know exactly what I wanted?