Monday, April 27, 2009


First off - a public notice: whoever took my phone charger please give it back! I'm asking for your own good. If my mother finds out who you are and discovers that you are the reason I'm not texting her constant updates ... well, I just don't know what will happen to you! So just slip it somewhere I've already looked twelve times and I won't be upset!

I've been getting a lot of requests for details, so here ya go! Pip was the easiest delivery ever. 3 pushes. Well, 4 - but the first one doesn't really count. Everyone told me that my hour and a half with Kaylee was beyond easy and I was inclined to agree ... and then I had Pip. It totally made up for the two and a half weeks of contractions I had!

I feel wonderful. I feel really really wonderful. I probably shouldn't say that because now people might expect me to do stuff and get things done when I'd rather everyone expect me to take it easy and if something gets done it's a happy addition! Right?

The other request everyone wants is a sisters picture. This has been rather difficult to provide because everytime Kaylee sees the camera she wants to PLAY with it so I have to get these pictures on the sly. This is the best I've managed so far - but it has the added bonus of showing my sister Elizabeth the ringlets I've been bragging to her about!

And with that I go to do something ...

Or not. As the case may be.


*just* said...

Yay for details!
Loved the previous entry too. Are you going to write out your birth story?

Mira said...

Well, it's me, your dumb forgetful friend Mira who is dumb and forgets for months at a time that you still have a blog that you still update regularly. I'm bookmarking it right now so there will be an end to this dumb forgetful nonsense. Look at all your pregnancy news I could have been reading up on...sheesh. At least I kept my Facebook long enough to get the alert when it was needed. And I'm guessing you don't need to be told that Pippa is beautiful, but you like hearing it, I like saying it, and life doesn't always give us opportunities to speak happy truths right out like that, so here's me, telling you that Pippa is beautiful. Is her real full name a state secret? Because I know she's not really part of the Longstocking family, unless you and Brandon have made some unpredictable choices regarding your last name. And oh, the more recent pictures of Kaylee are also a joy, as are your updates on her. For some reason I love it that she's a cheese addict. That's a girl after my own heart. Okay, but seriously, how do you make perfect babies like you do? People would pay a lot of dough to know your secret. I know, I know, it's not about the money, but still, you could be doing a great service to mankind by telling us how to arrange for our little ones to be as pretty as yours. Sorry for this big block of text. I seem to have forgotten everything I learned about paragraphs. But at least I'm doing the sensible thing and talking to my old friend Susan. I miss you and smile when I think about your family, even when I'm not making my existence totally evident.