Sunday, January 11, 2009

Librarian Pirate

I have spent a lot of time lately trying to figure out what I want from this blog. I've had it for awhile, mostly putzing around, sending updates out to the world, knowing they're basically just going to friends and family - because that was who I started it for and who else would care?

Sometimes when people find out I have a blog they say "oh! Another librarian blog? You must to great book reviews!" Well ... no. That's something I could never do, really. I have this book problem ... I love them almost too much. I have this way of completely ignoring a book's faults and loving it for what it is. This works well when someone asks me for recommendations in a genre I don't normally read, because the books there that I have read I have probably liked and can book talk enthusiastically without reservations. This is a problem when someone asks me to think critically about a book. I don't always notice the poor writing or the bad characterization until later reflection. No matter how badly the characters are written I will find myself caring about them and hoping for the best!

I HAVE, however, decided to try to write more about the books that I am reading and loving. I just need to forewarn you that my book discussions will be more book talks and less book reviews. I'm not one to say, "this is a really good book aside from the atrocious dialogue" - I'm more one to say "oh mah goodness you haven't read this book yet? Well here's why you should read it!" Take my declarations of love with a very large grain of salt, in other words.

I also got a GORGEOUS camera for Christmas and promised the siblings that with it would come tons of new pictures of the Kins. Last night I was changing the sheets on the bed and Kaylee climbed into the laundry basket. "ROW ROW!" she demanded.
"I'm sorry, Kinsie. I'll play row row with you as soon as I am done changing these sheets."
So while Kaylee was waiting patiently for me to be ready to come over and tip the basket back and forth while singing Row Row Row your Boat she arranged in the basket with her two babies, a teddy bear, a dog, and two quilts. That's the sort of thing I should memorialize here because those are the moments I never want to forget.

all ready for the boat ride

I've started crocheting again. I'll probably bore everybody with my exciting tales of works in progress and things I've made (and if I ever get around to opening an Etsy shop you will be hearing about that too, I promise). I want to start writing again because I can tell it isn't as easy as it used to be back when I wrote every day. I never keep new years resolutions which is why I saved this post for a few weeks into the year. This isn't a new years resolution. This is a hope for the future of my blog. (: That I will actually fill it up with pictures and thoughts and ideas and books.

Here goes ...


Karyn said...

I think that i am the same way with TV shows. I think that most shows are really ridiculous and annoying in so many ways, but i still obsess over them and watch them. Silly huh?

*just* said...

I read a crazy amount of books and review them similarly. I LOVE Twilight but every critique you mentioned I had a similar response to your response (if that makes sense). I've recently read "Flux" by Peggy Orenstein and "Angry Housewives Eating Bonbons" and liked both of those also. Oh! Another good one for you is "Pushed". K- I'll stop recommending books- I'm sure your reading list is long enough.
So I read the blog entry and your writing is engaging and I want to read more! So yes- blog away and I will too. I'll keep prodding you to blog. I'm going to try to commit to blogging on the mommy blog at least three, make that twice a week and the photography blog once a week and hopefully work up from there.