Saturday, November 22, 2008

Combine Harvester!

The Kins and I are cleaning the kitchen and watching Maisy. This is our first time watching Maisy. Neither of us were really paying attention, but it seemed perfect for her age group. "What is that, Maisy? A ball! Yes! Lets throw the ball!" or "What color are you painting the roof? Green? What a great color!" And then suddenly we hear "What is that, Maisy? A combine harvester? What fun!"

Yes ... as my 12,000 reference questions on this topic will attest - toddlers LOVE big machines, so I totally get it. I just have to laugh. "Can you say 'ball,' Kins? Ball! Ball! Very good! Ok. Now try COMBINE HARVESTER!" Ah, it is to laugh (as my old teacher would say).

In other news, my mother brought me new clothes yesterday, and one thing she brought me was a velour lounge suit. I have declared today "lounge around in comfort" day! The Kins can't stop petting me. She's wandering around in her footie pajamas, which are BEYOND adorable. Seriously - I want to devour her! She's so cute!

Mostly just wanted to post that I am alive and kickin, and hope to someday post more!

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Marcia said...

You need to set it up so you can post from email, so you can post from work or by text message...