Friday, April 20, 2007

Oh my goodness!!!

My husband is one of the biggest Barenaked Ladies fans there is, so when we saw that they were coming to Chicago again we were ecstatic - then we realized ... on June 18 Turnip Head will be a month and a half old. So no BNL for us.

Today my favorite DJ was giving away tickets to the BNL concert, and on a complete lark I sent a text ... and I won! How awesome is that? So now I have tickets to the concert, but I'll have a one and a half month old that I'm not sure I'll want to leave with a babysitter ...

I'm sure we'll work something out, and if we don't it's not like we had to pay for the tickets ... but for the day I'm going to be excited about the concert and I'll worry about logistics tomorrow.


jo! said...

ooh! I'll babysit!

(and the word verification is "smauad" and all i could think of was "You're a smauad!-- your face is a smauad!-- your mom's face is a smauad!-- your mom's dog's face is a smauad!-- your deus ex machina is a smauad!!!")

Becky said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm BnL.....listening to them now...Saw them here in Rochester back in October...they were FABULOUS!!!!! I'm sure by the time the concert comes around you'll be ready for a wee little break...Love you miss you lots and expect fuzzy things by mail in the next week or so ;)

Tabitha Dial said...

Awesome, Susan! ... Good luck finding a sitter. I think you out to go!

Shushing She Demon Slayer said...

Chica if you need a sitter, just let mek know!
ps, I started my own blog. Because I am a dirty copy cat.
I'm at