Monday, January 15, 2007

Advice Requested

I am in the middle of a bit of a job flux. I graduate in May with my MLS, which is super exciting (YAY!), and I am already keeping an eye out for library related jobs. I am applying for a storytelling internship at the library down the street (literally six blocks away. How wonderful would that be? And I'd be STORYTELLING!) which would be only 10 hours a week but otherwise perfect: working with youth, getting to know people at the library I would ideally want to work with when I graduate, and best of all - it ends just before my due date so I can easily take time off to have a baby!

I just got an email from one of my professors. A library way out in the suburbs is hiring a youth librarian, and they are willing to look at people who are almost done with their MLS (that's ME!). I'm definately going to apply because what is the harm in applying? There are a couple of cons for this job, the main one being that map quest says it's 45 minutes away - but I used to have a class way out their and with the construction on the Dan Ryan it's more like an hour and a half ... PLUS I'm having a baby in May. How great is it to say, "wow, this job is wonderful! Thank you! I'm gonna need a couple of weeks off in about four months. Is that ok?" Pros for the job? It's in youth services, it's part time (I was planning on taking a few months off after giving birth, but a part time job that works with my schedule would be fantastic as well), and it's in a pretty nice suburb.

Ok, so I guess I don't really need advice - I'm going to apply for it either way. I'm doubting I'll get it because it's the type of job that everyone at my school will probably apply for ... but a girl can hope, yes?

I hate writing cover letters. As soon as I am done here I am going to the library and getting a few books on writing cover letters. They always seem so awkward and formal and contrived to me, no matter what I write. Anyone out there really fantastic at cover letters who wants to give me some pointers? I'd be appreciative.

P.S. I've been reading like crazy and plan on telling y'all about them very shortly. Stay tuned for reading fun!


Tabitha Dial said...

YAY!!! My advice? Apply everywhere and be open and honest. In interviews, talk up a storm -- pretend the interviewers are old friends. As for cover letters, if you can give me a few days, I'll read yours and give you my thoughts. Think about what makes you unique and what makes you a librarian. Sure, it's a sales pitch. But it's also all about you. Don't be afraid to have three different starts to your cover letter before you decide on the best one and consider including any experience you have that relates to being a librarian, even if you have to go way back in time to mention how organized you had to be to be in Color Guard ... Best of luck!

Tabitha Dial said...

Can't wait to hear how this goes. I also hope you might have time to comment on my latest blog, since it has to do with literature (comic books):


The Library Guy said...

Apply, and if it's considered a professional position, the better for you.

Marcia said...

APPLY. And. They are NOT allowed to descriminate against you because you are having a baby. So. Do it. Or your big sister will yell at you.